Hwang Jyue Enterprise Co., Ltd.--Pizza oven mesh &mirrors

Founded in 1977, Hwang Jyue Enterprise Co., Ltd. has in recent years expanded its product lines to include houseware items for pizza oven mesh and series of magnifying cosmetic mirror , in addition to machinery such as automatic packing machine for toothpicks, straws and chopsticks.

The magnifying cosmetic mirrors are chrome plated with flexible handle arms and can be fixed on the wall. These mirrors, ranging in diameter 15 cm and 17 cm , are great for applying cosmetics , tweezing eyebrows ,shaving , grooming, and putting in contacts , etc. Since they can magnify things by triple.

Pizza oven mesh is made of expanded aluminum coated with Teflon for better baking and grilling, range in diameter from 6-20 inches.

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